Elegant workspace with best-in class equipment

A calm and smart workspace with best-in-class equipment not only improves quality and productivity but also creates a comfortable and positive working environment

  • Working on 27-inch iMac - Apple
  • Using wacom tablets and legitimate software
  • High-speed unlimited internet service
  • Firewalls to protect the data
  • Working as a Retoucher for 14 years
I believe that hiring a retoucher is almost like getting married for a Photographer!

It’s a back and forth relationship – Over the years, I have learned that hiring a Retoucher is like getting married to a Photographer. Learning a photographer’s workflow, his/her general requirements, and producing intended results on each and every assignment are quite essential which also takes the relationship to the next level. The relationship between a photographer and Retoucher is the same as what’s there in between a film Director and a Cameraman!

  • Both should act, think and work the same way keeping in mind how the end product is going to be and what needs to be done accordingly, etc
  • A Retoucher should be able to make sure the image matches the photographer’s vision and style overall
  • The more the Retoucher understands his photographer, the more it makes the job easier for both ends and produces amazing results!
Why utmost quality is important in the first go for a photographer?

Anyone who cares about their craft cares about the quality of their work to the utmost and that is what my reputation is built on. I put myself in your shoes and take everything into account while working on your images

Further more, when you are already busy with Post productioncurrent schedules and pre-production plans, you can’t afford to send the files back and forth for fixes, making comments on them, tracking revisions etc. So I take utmost care to provide professional retouching at utmost quality on the FIRST-GO and that’s what I have been doing for my clients already

How important is Turnaround time for a photographer?

In my extensive experience in the retouching industry, I have learned that photographers often end up having only a little time for post-production as they also need to look after their on-going projects and pre-production plan for new shoots.  Therefore, it’s important to retouch and deliver your edited images in a timely manner. I work diligently to provide a quick turnaround — Usually 24 hours. But when my clients are in a real hurry it’s usual for me to work 18, 12 or even 6 hours of turnaround. I love making my clients happy every time

So one must have an Eagle eye for quality control during these tight deadlines to ensure that the retouched images are just as you want them, and that all the requirements are met. I’m humble to say that my experience lets me stand in your shoes and see things that need closer look

Streamlined Workflow in place
01. Upload Images
Send your images via Dropbox, We transfer, Hightail, FTP, email or any third party file transfer method.
Free Dropbox Space
Upon request, a free personalized shared Dropbox space (Folder) can also be assigned for easy uploading and downloading.
02. Estimate Approval
Images will be individually and carefully reviewed against the requirement!
Expect a Cost-Effective quote
A cost-effective quote will be prepared which will then be sent for your approval.
03. Image Editing
Images will be professionally retouched according to the request.
Vast Experience really helps
Truly, having a vast experience in the retouching industry helps to solve different and innovative retouching requests.
04. Download images
Once the job is done, Images will be sent through an email along with a download link.
Free Dropbox Space
Upon request, Images will be uploaded to your personalized shared Dropbox folder.
05. Payment
Once the retouched files are approved at your end, payment invoice will finally be sent.
Understanding Photographers’ world
Photographers could avail 30-50 days of grace period to make payments – I understand the Photographers world better than any other retouchers on the planet
Standard Operating

It would usually take a few projects to learn your unique style and general requirements. A standard operating procedure and specification document is prepared. The individual specification document is stringently followed while working on projects so as to keep the jobs consistent from one order to the next

Structured File

A exact system of folder names and folder structure to indicate incoming images vs outgoing images is quite essential in our business today – This makes the file transactions easier & understandable to both the ends.


I am professional and courteous -Since all your projects will only be handled by me, I can answer your questions instantly and clarify things promptly. This leads to mutual understanding and takes the relationship to the next level.

Handy answers to quick questions