Retouching is more than a job; it’s a part of me and it’s who I am!

VincentRetouching is a Product Retouching studio that helps Professional Photographers and E-commerce retailers solve their problems when it comes to Image Editing Services such as Background Removal & Product Selection Services & Retouching etc… We offer our customers fast service while still maintaining top notch quality in all products we serve them!

Product Photographers & E-commerce Retailers can now benefit from professional image editing services at the lowest price on the market. We offer high-quality results without compromising speed of deliver, so you’ll never have to worry about waiting for your images again! Retouching Professionals at our studio are specialized in editing product images for more than a decade so they clearly know how to make the products look amazing!

Hi There, I’m Vincent Ajay –  I have been retouching business Product images, Business Portraits & Headshots for the last 14 years and I founded this small retouching studio 9 years ago. We are a team of 6 senior retouchers.

We understand the importance of photos to today’s communication needs so we take seriously our role in improving the quality of your images, enhancing your business value and ensuring you always get fast turnaround times on first-rate services

Vincent Ajay
A Proud Retoucher !
What Clients say

Vincent is a consummate professional! I was looking for a retoucher to help with my portrait post production schedule. He’s very quick and listens to the brief very well.

Vincent is always on hand to discuss jobs and his customer service ethos is impeccable. He is flexible and adapts very well to different jobs. He comes highly recommended as a partner for any portrait business. Thank you Vincent !

Oliver Doran – Corporate & Portrait Photographer – Jersey, UK

Vincent and David are doing a great job retouching my business headshots and portraits. Their pricing is quite affordable too!

Team is very responsive in incorporating the changes to my portrait shots quickly and accurately. They have proven time and again to be highly professional from customer service to quality of the final product. Vincent Retouching – An asset to any Photographic Endeavour!

Jules Frazier, Portrait Photographer – Seattle, USA

I find Vincent to be very efficient. He provides the images promptly making me look good to my clients. I provide raw images and he gives me back perfect retouched files ready to send out. It’s great to work with him.

He does a thoroughly professional job at the lowest cost! For me, Vincent is like having your own in-house photo retoucher!

Michael Anderson, Portrait Photographer – Sydney, AUS

Vincent has become an invaluable part of my photography team. He has taken the time to learn the intricacies of how I like to have my files setup and my approach to Commercial photography and retouching, ensuring I have a consistent look and fell across all my work.

Mark Burrough, Photographer – Sydney, AUS

valuable clients
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